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'These are some of my slates. The old, used ones are from a local farmhouse of two hundred years plus. Their patina suggests wondrous forms. These have been engraved and painted in oil with a few layers of matt varnish to protect them. In good weather they have been 'street dried' outside against the studio walls.

Each is unique. The emerging form cannot be predicted though headlands and waterways seem to be plentiful. People have delighted in what each vision means to them.

The nice thing about them is that they can be rotated to suit our own ideas.

 It is wonderful to work with these old roof tiles, which have witnessed amazing changes in their lifetimes. Not only that but, after a lick of paint, they are now  renewed and glorious on the studio walls.

Some have been framed and secured with heavy doses of adhesive as they can be brittle and delicate. Others are left alone, perhaps at a future date to be encapsulated in a wall of their own.

The average size of the tiles is 9" x 18"

  23 x 46 cms aprox.


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