About My Studio


I have loved my studio for twenty years. Now it is time to present it to the Web.


It is the old Manor Office of Prideaux Place, the lovely Elizabethan house overlooking Padstow and beyond to Bodmin Moor.


Since I have been here it has seen painting and drawing in various media, plaster casting, furniture decoration, portraiture and slate design; all wonderful exercises with the slate design being the latest delightful experience.


My little gem is tucked away from the main town hustle and bustle on the road from the Post Office up to Prideaux Place; five minutes' walk.


Visitors are welcome at any time, though please do 'phone' or text to check before making a special journey. I may flit in and out of the studio but may be there within ten minutes.

Mob : 0770 341413 9

Grace's Gallery Padstow

Fentonluna Studio,

Old Manor Office, 

2 Fentonluna Lane,

Padstow, Cornwall,       PL 28 8BA