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About My Studio/Portfolio

Big Changes are happening along Fentonluna Lane !

A bit about me.

I was "trained" at Manchester and Nottingham Colleges of Art and Design and

have been playing around with artistic ventures for several years now.

My hidey-hole has been Old Manor Office in Padstow, part of the famous

Prideaux-Brune Estate.

I love painting, drawing, furniture decorating, slate engraving, plaster casting,

papier mache and such messy things.........

In the past, I have been asked to do several paintings of houses which have

been  done in water colour. Recently my response to a commission was to

choose to do it in oil, partly because it wasn't merely a half imperial size. It

was 80" x 24"; in my language, two meters by two feet: a curious size and its

own challenge !

Commissions are interesting as they can focus attention.

I often think that a request to create a painting of people's dreams/wishes 

might be interesting too.

Watch this space. Exciting things afoot !

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